Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New blog site

Since I can not figure how to transfer my old blog to bloggers new version I figure I would just post a redirection post. Please check out

I only have one post and but I plan on starting to blog again.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I decided to take a short break from working on my homework. I have a final project due tomorrow and I have been working on it all week. I took yesterday off with the intention that I would have it already done to relax and play FFXII but I ended up working on my homework from 10:30am till 6:30pm. I gave up after that and ordered pizza and played my game. Today I have made some pretty good progress though I have been testing it along the way. When I run it on my pc I have no issues but when I load it to the school server I get a really weird error when trying to run it. Not good.
I have the OSU/MI game on in the background and during a break there was a commercial for a movie. TK was talking to me and I made him stop because I saw a dragon on the TV. Yeah I am really that big of a dork. Well I found out that the movie is called Eragon. I was shocked. I read the book in the last year or two and the second book just came out earlier this year. So for them to make a movie this soon is pretty huge. I looked it up and John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons are both in it. Jeremy Irons must love dragons since I know he was also in the Oscar-snubbed film Dungeon and Dragons.
The movie comes out December 15th and the books are kind of geared towards kids but they are really entertaining. Should be interesting to see what they have done with this movie. Go check it out.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Not to shabby of a day

Overall the work day was pretty good. Then I had class tonight which I am currently in. I finished the lab in class early so I was able to complete the homework assignment that was due at midnight tonight during class. I didn't have much left to do but I was going to have to do it when I got home around 10pm. I also found out that this is my last class of this quarter which I had thought we still had one next week. Now I still have a final project due on a week from Sunday though I plan on spending much of Sunday working on it. I would love to be all done early. Then I am off until after the new year. You have to love the quarter system. So I believe if I finish my Final project early this week I am going to treat myself to a day off on Friday and play the new Final Fantasy all day since I have not had the opportunity yet.
I have a family wedding this Saturday which should be a blast since my whole family will be there and its in the City so no driving is necessary. Have a great weekend if I don't write till after.

Calling all Stair pushers

Work has been really crazy today but its 4:00pm and I feel like I accomplished a good amount. So instead of taken lunch I decided to play a game that I think Pablo sent out a few months ago. For a while we all tried to get the highest score and then started doing the reverse.
Here is my lowest for today. 143.
Not bad for my first day back in months. I have thrown down the gauntlet. Lets see who is up for the challenge.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bates motel

I think I stayed at the original hotel that Psycho was based off of. I am travelling for work and currently at the airport on our way home. Down side is that its 1/4 to 3 and our flight was scheduled for 4:04 but the guy at check-in said its 1.5 hours late. So I have plenty of time to kill.
Back to the hotel. We all pulled in the parking lot and was shocked by what we saw. To continue the place had a strange smell. I took a picture of the burn hole that was in the bed spread on one of the twin beds. One of the guys I was here with was battling a beetle( I think it was a cockroach) in his room. Worst nights sleep I have ever had in a hotel. I guess this is what the customer that I work for had as their preferred hotel choice. I am guessing price had a big deal with it though it was not worth it at all.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I bet they show this on "The Ocho"

Before I get to the post, any of you xhtml guru's know why my links now sit at the bottom of my posts instead of even. I tried to look at the template but they are using the
where I am not really sure whats that for. I thought it was simply a column ender or something like that was removed but they are not using that form of html. Its to advanced for me.

On to the post. I get an email from "The Onion" each week about special events they have in chicago. Usually they involve stuff with free beer for an hour at a bar to who is dancing this week at the Admiral.
This week one of the deals is for a beer pong(Beurit) tournament. The winner gets so prize but also get a trip to the WSOBP you ask? Why it is the World Series of Beer Pong. I believe this will be broadcasted live on ESPN 8 "The Ocho". The fact they have a world series for this gives me hope. Since my favorite drinking game is "Asshole", there might be a WSOA tournament out there somewhere. I always dreamed of winning the world series when I was younger and maybe this is my chance. Let me know if you hear of any qualifying tournaments.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I am back!

Yes, I feel like hutch though he has probably blogged more recent then me. I have not been blogging or even reading them for a while. I feel like I am so busy with everything. I have three more classes until I am done till the new year. At that point Final Fantasy 12 comes out tomorrow. I know Keri is thrilled with the thought of me playing the game all the time.

My decision to return was based on Halloween. I decided to finally watch the movie Saw. I have been putting it off for a while because in my older age I have started to get more afraid. Not just of movies but life in general. I finding myself taking less risks then I did years ago. I think about the future more. I am see it as a sign of maturity but there are times where I also see it as a sign of fear. Its strange how you really need to balance life between being safe and taking risks. I guess the older you get the less risks you take. I spent a good amount of my early life taking lots of risks. Stupid ones mostly but still risks. As I sit in my apartment with no one around I find my self debating turning off Saw because my mind tends to play games with myself. I used to love horror movies. Though I will admit I used to watch them mainly with Lynn. Her and I would get a whole bunch of wine and have horror movie marathons. It was fun and its definetly not as scary when you have someone else watching with you.

Are you supposed to stop taking risks as you get older? Is taking risks what make us feel alive?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Why does music touch the heart?

I just got finished watching the season premiere of Gray's Anatomy. I also watched the pre-show recap of the last season. At the end of the recap they had a video by The Fray "How to Save a Life". I have loved the song for a while but never seen any video by the band. The video was filled with clips of GA. The clips fit in perfectly with the song which leads me to wonder whether it was written for the show. It was used in the last seasons GA season finale so maybe it was.

However that is not my point. Songs like these seems to touch me in a weird way. When I hear them I feel like I am reconnecting with the world, or I am the only one left in the world, or I finally understand the true meaning of love. Music can make you feel so many strange emotions. It's not even genre specific or band specific. I love a song called Konstantine by a band called "Something Corporate". I do not know a single other song by them. However Konstatine will forever remind me of Keri. Songs become memories in a way. I remember a lot of my past almost like a movie, with its own soundtrack. I can actually pick certain songs and tell you what period of my life I was at. If you have ever seen "High Fidelity" with John Cusack, he organizes his records autobiographical. I have that same idea with music.

Something about music has that ability to just get into those level of your soul that sometimes are not open. It can fight its way through and touch you were you didn't think you needed it.

I have lost my music fascination over that last few year. I haven't owned a car in about 4 years. I don't have a cd player in my room. I have gone through numerous mp3 players overs the years but busted each of them within a few months. Now I have a phone that is Itunes capable, however I have not changed the songs in over a month.

I have gone through numerous fetious over a variety of music styles. The weird part is I still like them all. My current taste is always my favorite but once in a while I just love to relieve the past. I went into Jimmy Johns today before class and they were playing Tool. I am guessing its Tools new album, but they are a pretty unmistakable band. The voice is pretty hard to miss. I went to their concert back in Highschool during junior or senior year. The place was so packed that I actually was able to lift my feet off the floor because I was being crushed by the people in front and behind me. Also this was the concert(if you have heard the stories) where out of now where some guy started punching me in the back of the head. A fight never really broke out because when I turned around and talked to him he was laughing his ass off( I am also guessing he was pretty high on something by his look). I looked at him and knew he just hit me . I said what the fuck. His response was fuck you. At that point the whole crowd shifted and the guy fell away with the crowd. The rest of the concert I was a little on edge looking out for him but he was always far away. I still thought about walking over and just start punching him in the back of the head. I never did but still enjoyed the concert.

I got a little off topic. I would like for people to post songs that remind them of periods of time in their lives. I will post a few here:
Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Leopard 3rd or 4th grade gym night
Any GNR or Motley Crue song - 8th grade
Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit and NIN-Wish- Freshman year
Chloe Dancer/ Crown Of Thorns-Mother Love Bone-Sophmore Year
Fee-Phish and Least Complicated and Blood and Fire, and Closer to Fine-Indigo girls-Senior Year
Onslaught-Blues Traveler and Crucify-Tori Amos- Freshmen Year
After that I can just list songs. The list gets smaller but I still love to hear them.
Konstatine-Something Corporate
District Sleeps Tonight-Postal Service
I Will Follow You into the Dark-Death Cab for Cutie
How to save a life-The Fray

I know I could go through my cd or mp3 collection and find more. However these stand out in my mind at this point in time. Everyone of those songs have gotten me through a time in my life or kept me going on the right path or reminded me of something important in life that sometimes I forget. Either way music definitely effect me. I am not sure if it effects you in the same way. If it does please feel free to point some songs that hold meaning to you because I would love to hear them.